Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Miss Liberty

Our sweet Liberty turned one on the Fourth of July, and we just had to celebrate!  We love this happy girl so very much.  In other news...she is walking and she is pretty pleased with herself.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Babies

We had the kids' pictures taken for Easter, and I think they turned out adorable.  It's so rare to actually capture smiles on camera.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, complete with fabulous weather in the Utah Valley. Saturday our cousin's hosted an Easter egg hunt that Beckham loved, and Sunday we wore our cute outfits to church and had crepes for dinner (we did our ham and potatoes last week with Brendon's parents).

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

9 Months

Yep, I'm gonna say it...I can't believe she's getting so old. Liberty is still the sweetest little baby girl I have ever imagined. She will smile at anyone that pays her attention, and giggles at the slightest provocation. She worships her brother (and he her) and she loves to eat. She is a pretty great little sleeper, and just the most easy going baby ever. She still has no teeth (or hair!), and is not crawling...but she is just minutes away from it. Today she pulled herself up to a standing position, and she gets rocking on all fours. Time to pull out the baby gates and lower the crib! We've got a big girl on or hands.

She has just turned a corner lately and become lots more interactive. She's so fun to play with, talk to, and roughhouse with. And her new trick is "clapping". She lights up if you clap back at her.

At her well check today she topped the charts in the 95th percentile, as always. We also found out she has a larger than normal soft spot (it should be gone by now but it's actually bigger than a newborn's should be). The doctor does not seem concerned because there are no other indicators of disease, but it can be related to a host of diseases or tumors so we are just watching it, confident it will close up normally soon. It didn't freak me out, but it did make me stop for a minute and think how miserable I would be without my sweet little Liberty.


A quick update on the boy:

*He growls ALL THE TIME! It's how he shows he's angry about something. It's his coping mechanism for when he feels shy around new people. It's his go to sound. So if you see him and he growls at you don't be offended.

*He loves mommy's attention, and is kind of needy in that way. He doesn't really like to play independently very often. It's hard for me to put down the laundry and dishes and play with him, but he loves it when I do.

*He loves to sing and be sung to. At night instead of the primary songs and hymns we used to sing, he makes us create songs - usually about what he just read or watched. Tonight it was a song about Thomas getting stuck in a cave with Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand. I just make up ridiculous tunes as I go and I would be so embarrassed if someone could hear them. Ha ha.

*In our house we say, "Love you to the moon - on a rocketship" because one night I said "I love you to the moon, Beckham" and as I walked out the door his face lit up and he said, "on a rocketship?!" (Mickey, Donald, and Pluto take a rocketship to the moon in one of his favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes). And it kind of stuck.

Viva Las Vegas

We took a spontaneous trip (these spur of the moment trips and all the packing they entail are going to kill me!) to Vegas last weekend to stay with Brendon's sister. It was wonderful. The weather was great, shopping was fun, and Beckham loved the Bellagio fountains! Brendon and I snuck away one night to see the show La Reve at the Wynn. It was fantastic. I loved it! Hooray for exciting date nights in Vegas.
Eating Cheerios off Aunt Rissa's floor
Beckham doesn't allow pictures anymore
Celebrity sighting!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ice Cream In a Bag

Beckham and I made this today and it was so much fun, and pretty delicious:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Brendon opened new Vivint Solar offices in Boston and Honolulu last week (he works so hard!), so when he had to go out to Hawaii for work we spontaneously (the night before) decided to join him. We stayed at the new Disney Aulani resort. That place is amazing! I was seriously impressed. The kids had a great time, and especially loved swimming, playing in the sand, and hugging Mickey. Since Brendon worked most of the time, I played it pretty low key with the kids and we just hung around the resort. There was plenty to do, and despite the not perfect weather, we had a great time.

A Little Catch Up

I'm not much of a blogger lately, but for posterity's sake here's a little of what we've been up to lately:

finger painting - which always turns into face painting
drawing at our desks
making snowmen in one of the rare (yippee for mild winters) snowstorms
hugging said snowman
tubing at Soldier Hollow with Nana Lynn and Papa Dale during their visit