Monday, September 13, 2010

Dining Chairs

I love the fabric - P. Kaufmann Suzanni Jewel

What a fun, quick project. Now the not so quick (as not as fun) project I am working on - recoving two Crate and Barrel couches we got free on Craigslist. Hopefully I'll have that posted in the next few weeks.

Labor Day

One last trip to the houseboat before summer ends...
Enjoying the sunset with Daddy.
Who keeps giving this kid licorice?
Brooke, Christian, Friz, Kelly, Tessa, Beckham and Brendon - loving the water
Beckham's best friends, Fritz and Tessa
Beckham's favorite thing to do is be naked on the deck of the houseboat for hours (literally) playing with the hose. He looks freazing in this picture - but that didn't stop him from laughing in the water until dark.

To Grandmother's House We Go

We took a last minute trip to Utah and surprised Grandma Jeri. Beckham had so much fun playing at his grandparent's house. He especially loved the horse grandpa dug out of the attic.

Excuses, Excuses

We didn't have internet for a few weeks, and we've been crazy busy around here... so the posts have been lacking (or non-existent I guess). Here's what you missed:

*We MOVED! We stayed in Palo Alto, in a lovely little apartment. We are thrilled.

*Beckster learned to walk. He is so thrilled with his new trick - he's a much happier boy now. He has changed in the last few weeks from my little baby to a total grown up boy who walks around and holds my hand. My favorite new thing... he's become a cuddler!

*We've been out of town every weekend (Gridley, Utah, Gridley again)... and have been trying to unpack the boxes in between unpacking the suitcases. But it has been great to see the family.