Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Beckham was a stud in his easter suit. He even left his hat on all day. The weather was uncooperative for Easter egg hunts on Saturday (seriously spring - where are you???), but Sunday was lovely for blowing and chasing bubbles.

Monday, April 18, 2011

One... Two... Three

Beck is so fun lately. Every day he says a new word I didn't know he knew. Today he surprised me by "counting" to three.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Finally we own a home where we can paint or wallpaper, or decorate to our heart's content. And I am determined to have a girly girly nursery. I had my heart set on wallpaper, then discovered the limited selection and the price - wow. More than I wanted to spend on just the wall treatment. So then I decided to find a fabric I loved and do the starch to the wall method. Problem is, I was having a hard time finding a fabric I loved. Now I think our best [and cheapest] solution is a stencil. Thanks to Kelly's suggestion to check for the stencil post - I am totally inspired.

Etsy has a ton of stencils and I think my favorite is this one:

Although there are a ton of beautiful ones...these are some of my other favs:

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Working Hard

There is lots to be done around our house...especially in the yard. As countdown to baby #2 ticks by we are feeling an urgency to get the projects done. Beckham loves to help...especially when helping includes rides in the wheelbarrow.

Zoo Day

The weather was a rare gorgeous day in Utah Friday (hopefully these will become less rare!) so I invited some friends to join us at the Hogle Zoo. We had a wonderful time seeing the animals and spending time with friends. Beckham loves animals, but if they get too close he gets scared. By the grip around my neck in the ape picture, you can tell he thought that thing was real! Lol.


We spent a rainy Saturday at the aquarium. Beckham liked the penguins, but otherwise he was interested in pushing the stroller than seeing the wildlife.

My Boy

Beckham (20 months) has become such a boy. I can't believe how he has shot up tall and thin. He just learned "mine" and "no" (I really have no idea where he learned the word "mine" it innate in toddlers??) and it's quite the trial. Ha. He has very strong opinions on what he wants, as I'm sure does every toddler. We are heading right into the terrible two's. On the bright side, one of his other new words is "squeeze" (sounds like "skeez") which is accompanied by a tight hug around our necks. These squeezes are our favorites. Beckham has also become quite the kissy boy - we just love his affection. This really is my favorite age so far. He is learning so much and so fast. He says new words every day, and really understands what we say to him. To replace the words he doesn't know, he finds some other sort of body language to make us understand him. This includes pushing - when he wants you somewhere he gets behind you and pushes you there. His all time favorite activity is "driving" the car. All day long he wants to sit in the driver's seat and play with the buttons and the steering wheel. His second favorite activity is a ride in the wheelbarrow.

Favorite words: car, truck, tractor, ride, outside, drive