Friday, January 28, 2011

Visiting Dada At Work

Brendon's work has an amazing cafeteria where all the employees get free lunch. We try to take advantage of this and visit Dada at least once a week. We purposely bought a house near Brendon's work, so the commute would be short and we could visit whenever we wanted. Beckham loves visiting Brendon during the day, and I especially like looking forward to a gourmet lunch that I don't have to prepare (yesterday I had pot roast with smashed red potatoes and Brendon was more exotic with the sushi lunch).


My big boy turned 18 months last week. He is a joy, and a terror, and a busy bee and we love him so much. Tantrums began about a month ago, and I'm still not quite sure the appropriate way to react. Mostly I just try to stifle my giggles. He has gotten quite cuddly when he's tired, but during the day he is go go go. He is a total daddy's boy right now, and he says "dada" every ten minutes of the day. He seems to be on his own time table for talking and his only words are "cheese", "keys", "hot" and "outside" (besides the usual "mama" "dada" variety). He loves piggy back rides and wrestling and dancing. He is obsessed with keys and asks for them as soon as someone enters the house. He would spend his entire day sitting in the front seat of my car putting the keys in and out of the ignition and pretending to drive. (I have a little anxiety about this since his dad drove into the neighbors house when he was two - lol). He loves taking baths and floating on his back in the big tub. If I try to get anything done (there's lots to be done in the new house!!) I usually end up paying for it with a big mess. As I type he dumped a bag of potato chips on the ground :) He is getting tall and thin and I have a hard time keeping him in clothes that fit.

He gets to be more and more fun every day, and we love him to pieces.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long Overdue Announcements

Did you know that...

We moved to Utah. In November...brrr. Brendon got a job offer he couldn't resist (although we really tried...we did not want to leave California). Thankfully he didn't resist because he is really loving his new job.

We bought a house. Woohoo! It has been a lot of work searching, and cleaning, buying appliances, and hauling boxes, but we will be living there by this weekend and we are excited.

We are expecting baby #2. My due date is late June, but I'm predicting the beginning of July. We are very excited, but admittedly a little nervous for two. Beckham's energy level is through the roof...and mine is not :)