Friday, May 29, 2009

And Summer Begins...

We went home to Gridley for Memorial Day weekend and took some friends for the official re-launching of our houseboat (it had to be off the water last year due to a bad storm and California's drought).  It was so much fun to have the houseboat on the water again!  We had a great time eating, sunbathing, and tubing.  I didn't really get to participate much in the water sports being 7 months pregnant...but I still truly love just being on the water!  Hopefully we can squeeze in many houseboating trips this summer!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Last Saturday Brooke threw me the most amazingly adorable baby shower! For those that know Brooke, the fact that she thought of every single detail is no surprise. It was perfect. And perfect for me!

The shower had a farm theme...and everything coordinated from the bamboo wooden utensils, to the red striped paper straws. The food was all yummy picnic foods, laid out on checkered tablecloths. Daisies, mums, and sunflowers were everywhere in mason jars, and the bunting banner Melanie made for the shower was absolutely adorable.

I feel so blessed to have made so many wonderful girl friends since moving to Stanford. Thank you to everyone who came...and thanks especially to Brooke. You're a keeper!
*props and thanks to Anne and Ashley who took all the photos...I totally forgot to take any!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

31 Weeks

I cannot believe we only have 9 more weeks until this munchkin joins our family. Little Man (as his father affectionately calls him) is constantly moving and shaking around in there.  

Dadgum Varmint

This is our first tomato in our potted garden on the patio.  I was so excited for this little guy as he sprouted, grew, and then finally turned red.  And just yesterday some other little rodent must have noticed him...because there were nibble marks in my lovely tomato this morning! That squirrel better run far and fast...because if I get my hands on him...!

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 12th

Happy Anniversary to us! Three years and still happy as clams.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Stanford Reunion Carnival

Saturday afternoon Brendon called me and told me I better get to campus and see what's going on.  It was alumni weekend for the Business School so they were having a huge carnival.  It was amazing!  Huge bouncy houses...carnival games set up in tents...snow cone, corndog, and cotton candy booths...petting zoo...ponies...face booths...caricature amazing lunch buffet...and even a trained monkey on a leash.  And all of it was free!  (When I say "free" I try to forget the fact that we are paying ridiculous amounts in tuition...but hey...a free corndog!)  We had so much fun.  I can't wait until we actually have a child to take next year!

Me and my buddy Eva Deans after she got her face painted like a "princess".

Stanford GSB Formal

Saturday night we attended the annual Stanford Business School formal dance. We had such a great time getting gussied up! We drove to San Fran with our friends, the Millers and the Deans. We had an amazing dinner at Isa in S.F. where we chatted and stuffed ourselves for
 nearly 3 hours. Thank goodness I had a roomy dress on! After dinner we headed to the W hotel for the dance. Tons of Brendon's classmates were there, and there was great music and dancing. We stayed until 1:30 and I thought I would die if I didn't get out of my 4 inch heels and get to bed!

PS...I had to make my dress because it really is quite difficult to find a maternity formal...especially on short notice. It turned out ok...but I will think twice before I sew something in silk least until I own a serger. What a persnickety fabric it is!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

This Blog Will Not Only Be About Our Baby

Ha! That was sarcasm. Being one of the last of my friends to join motherhood, I've heard lots of them claim that their blog would not just become a picture album of their baby's every move...they would still be exciting and interesting to other people. But lets be honest...a blog is about your daily life. And my daily life is now going to be all about baby. Will I have time to do anything that other would find interesting? I guess time will tell.

Other moms have told me that as a parent you can just sit and stare at your baby for hours. So obviously we think our baby is more exciting than others think he is. Case in point, last night he was kicking my stomach and leaving his foot extended. Bren and I played little games with him poking his foot until he pulled it back...then he would do it again. We got such a kick out of playing with him. Now if we think that's exciting...are the rest of you all dying from boredom yet?

And now...another thing that most of you will find boring...except maybe our parents. Here is a 3d picture of our little guy. I have this awesome (part time job #3) deal where Siemens pays me to "model" for them. Sometimes they need pictures/scans of certain parts of a fetus...or sometimes they need someone to demonstrate their 3d ultrasound equipment on. So far I've been able to go in 3 times in the last 2 weeks to get 3d video of our baby. He never feels like really it's quite a blocked view as he is pushed right up against the placenta wall. But you can kind of get a feeling for what his lips and nose look like. Maybe he'll be a cutie.