Monday, August 08, 2011


My two amazing girlfriends (college roommates), Kayla and Brooke, showed up on my doorstep Thursday night. They had flown in from California to surprise and kidnap me for my birthday. I was absolutely shocked. They helped me pack, and then we were off to Park City. They had made reservations at The Stein Ericksen - a gorgeous 5 star resort. They had planned delicious restaurants, relaxing spa treatments, girl talk, and lots of shopping. They held Liberty the whole time so I could just relax. It was a fabulous weekend and I will never forget it.

Early Exposure

I am the biggest fan of country music, and I am on a mission to make sure my children are too! Thanks to Vivint we have had amazing box seats to two country concerts this month. The night I went into labor with Liberty we got to go to the Brad Paisley concert/Stadium of Fire. I was worried Beckham would be too tired to stay up until 11 pm and sit still for three hours - but he LOVED it. He led the music like a chorister and his eyes were glued on the stage the entire time. This past Saturday I took Liberty to the Tim McGraw/Luke Bryan/The Band Perry concert with some fun girls from Brendon's work. It was amazing. I wish I would have taken pictures - she looked pretty funny with bright orange ear plugs in her tiny ears. She slept through the whole thing.

Brad PaisleyTim McGraw

Chillin' a villain.