Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Girl

Nothing exciting to post - just a few photos of my chunky little girl. She is such a good, happy baby. She only wakes up once a night usually - and last night she didn't wake up to eat until 6 am. You can't really tell from these pictures - but she has rolls all over the place (just like her mommy did). She is very big for a 2 month old - in the 99th percentiles.
She loves attention (poor second child - desperate for some attention) and LOVES to stand up on her strong, chubby legs.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Water Babies

We took the kiddos to visit my parents in California and had a great time on the farm, but the highlight of the trip were the weekends spent on the houseboat.
even Miss Liberty loved boating! she loves everything...she's always smiling
Beckham loved loved LOVED the water! He wanted to spend every waking minute swimming (I wish I could type it in his cute 2 year old accent that sounds a little more like "simming"). And every minute not spent "simming" needed to be spent taking "boat wides".
He was a fantastic swimmer. Maybe all two year olds are this good, but we weren't expecting it. As long as he had his life jacket on he would swim for hours without assistance - even traveling good distances. He really had a hang of the kicking and paddling stuff.
Brendon showed him an adventurous time. I love that he looks a little apprehensive in this photo!
And here he is giving a little wave to show that he is having a great time on the wakeboard! Since we got back to Utah he whines constantly about the lack of boat rides.