Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yikes Stripes

Beckham is moving to a big boy room to make room for baby sister (coming in just 6 weeks!!). I desperately wanted to do his room in horizontal stripes, and thanks to my awesome husband and father in law I got what I wanted.
Brendon doesn't really enjoy painting, and groans every time I mention a new painting project - but the irony is he's a fantastic, detail oriented painter. Which means he's always the one painting.
Brendon's dad is equally talented in the painting department, and so generous with his time and talent. He has done the majority of the painting in our house. We owe him big time!!

I love how it turned out! Now just a few more accessories and decorations and Beckham's room will be set.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


While we were in Palo Alto for the reunion, my amazing friends there threw me a surprise baby shower. I was so shocked, and touched, and thrilled to get to see them all! It was even at the same place I had Beckham's baby shower. A few of us may or may not have cried because we miss Escondido Village so much.

Hop a bit closer...let me whisper in your ear,

Taryn is flying in for the weekend, so lets gather the flock to shower her
(and the first petite Miss Merkley due in June) in surprise fashion!

Bring your wee birdies to play and to brunch,
We'll catch up, we'll giggle, we'll gift and munch.
Wear your spring feathers, bring something share.
And button your beaks, not a secret to spare.

Meet at the Birdbath - Hulme Courtyard, Stanford Campus
This Friday, April 29th at *10.15am, Surprise at half past.

Do chirp back and say you'll come!

a little bird
Amazing friends
The beautiful hostess
Girl clothes are so much fun!

I love and miss these girls so much!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Happy Hallow

There's an amazing little place in San Jose called Happy Hallow, and we met up with Beck's little friends there on Monday.

Beckham was thrilled with the "yides" - he even busted a few shy smiles even though he was trying to be stone face cool.

Another petting zoo with animals that are a wonderful as long as Mom is there to keep them at a safe distance.
Beckham and Fritz love each other. But this aggressive hug caused them to fall in a pile of goat poop and Fritz got a pretty nasty scrape. Love hurts.

Don't be fooled by this face - he loved this "yide".

Best Buds

While in California we are staying with the Bergers, and Beckham and Fritz are the best of pals. They are exactly two months apart, and love all the same things (especially balls!). They are playing so well together and one of the highlights of our day yesterday was a trip to In'n'Out. Beckham thought he was a comedian pulling his hat over his face.


We flew to California for Brendon's first Stanford GSB reunion. Beckham did fantastic on the plane taking a "yide" in the "sky" with a little help from a ipod full of Curious George episodes. He thought he was a big boy pulling mom's suitcase around the airport.
It was a jam packed weekend of events, but Beckham's favorite was the carnival on Saturday. They go all out with food and activities - some of our favorites were the bounce house, bubble blowing man, mini donut booth, petting zoo and the pony rides!
All weekend people were commenting on how Beckham is a mini-Brendon. Pretty true I suppose.
Beckham loved the bounce house, until too many big kids got in and made balancing a little more challenging.
Beckham was fascinated, yet a little scared of, the donkeys. He loves animals - but he always wants to keep a safe distance.
Beck was in heaven on the pony rides. You'd never tell from his stoic face (like father like son) but he begged to do it over and over again.