Wednesday, April 04, 2012


A quick update on the boy:

*He growls ALL THE TIME! It's how he shows he's angry about something. It's his coping mechanism for when he feels shy around new people. It's his go to sound. So if you see him and he growls at you don't be offended.

*He loves mommy's attention, and is kind of needy in that way. He doesn't really like to play independently very often. It's hard for me to put down the laundry and dishes and play with him, but he loves it when I do.

*He loves to sing and be sung to. At night instead of the primary songs and hymns we used to sing, he makes us create songs - usually about what he just read or watched. Tonight it was a song about Thomas getting stuck in a cave with Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand. I just make up ridiculous tunes as I go and I would be so embarrassed if someone could hear them. Ha ha.

*In our house we say, "Love you to the moon - on a rocketship" because one night I said "I love you to the moon, Beckham" and as I walked out the door his face lit up and he said, "on a rocketship?!" (Mickey, Donald, and Pluto take a rocketship to the moon in one of his favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes). And it kind of stuck.

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